Our Development Process


Creation of the technical specification supplied by the customer that identifies critical requirements for the product.

Engineering performs an analysis of all constituents and their impact on the process.


A formal quotation is supplied to the customer to define the key deliverables such as target costs, delivery dates and risk factors.

Material is sourced if not in current inventory.


DFM is applied to all tooling and development.

Manufacture of tooling for components begins to support production efforts.

Downstream and secondary operation equipment is reviewed.


Pilot runs are completed to evaluate process capability. CPKs are analyzed for process improvements.

Tooling modifications are implemented if necessary and documentation is completed.


Lean manufacturing with online inspection. Dimensional verification is carried out.

Validation is completed to ensure specifications are met with a robust process as defined by the customer.


Each lot of tubing is certified for compliance.

Customers are notified of any updates to material formulation or supply changes from material supplier.